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  • 07/07/2018
  • Investing Niche Products

    Investing Niche Products


    What prevents investors from investing into niche products? Unstable market conditions, difficulties with sales of grown products, dependence on demand? Should we be afraid of it? MARCOM Company was one of the organisers of the conference "Niche Crops and Niche Products", that took place in December 2017 in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

    Every business project requires SWOT analysis. The opportunities should be the key factors to face.

    • The underdeveloped market and low competition lead to demand outstripping supply.
    • High purchasing prices lead to a high level of profitability from relatively small plots of land, which is very attractive for small and medium-sized farms.
    • Targeting the target market - so there is always a buyer and does not require additional advertising.
    • The niche market is easier to predict - less impact factors and easier to consider.

  • From Niche Crops to Organics

    From Niche Crops to Organics


    On April 20, 2017, a conference devoted to niche crops and organic products was held at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The "Marketing Communications MARKOM" company has become  the main industry marketing and investment expert.

    Niche crops, as organics, are primarily interesting to farmers, small and medium-sized agricultural producers. The profitability of niche crops and organic products is far more than traditional wheat, corn, sunflower. Since large agricultural holdings are profitable due to production volumes, the small agricultural producers should, first of all, focus on hectar profitability. This is a good incentive to increase the area of ​​niche crops. High profits, good export potential, major sales markets trends, small entry barriers motivated agroholdings to pay attention to niche crops and organic produce as well.

  • Poultry Market 2017. Industry Issues and Perspectives.

    Poultry Market 2017. Industry Issues and Perspectives.


    Any market changes require active actions from the market players. Poultry is not an exception. The market is under economic pressure. Thus it requires to organise a round table for the key market players: poultry farms, forage, meat, equipment, veterinary producers, poultry buyers, processors, retail networks, exporters. MARCOM Agency jointly with Ukrainian Conference Company organised a conference "Poultry 2017" which is held in Kyiv during "Grain Tech Expo" on February 17, 2017 to discuss the industry issues and perspectives from the egg to the counter.

  • Great Heritage of the Planet. INDIA. Production for Documentary Films

    Great Heritage of the Planet. INDIA. Production for Documentary Films


    MARCOM marketing and communication company in cooperation with TIME PRODUCTION video company and PRO VOSTOK outbound touristic agency has launched the unique project - production for documentary films - "Great Heritage of the Planet".

    Within a framework of the project our video crew will be traveling around different countries and continents, visiting remoute parts of the globe, that are not included into popular touristic itineraries. On the top of agriculture, the unique nature, culture, traditions, life style, architecture, piculiarities of the every single country - that make great heritage of our planet - will be showed through our video camera.

    The first documentary films will be dedicated to India.

  • European Forum for Grain Crops Producers and Processors

    European Forum for Grain Crops Producers and Processors


    "Marketing Communications "MARCOM" was a key marketing expert at "European Forum for Grain Crops Producers and Processors" on October 18, 2016. The event traditionally was held in the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2 Velyka Vasylkivska Str., Kyiv) and gathered Ukrainian exporters - grain crops producers and processors, transport companies, overseas customers, trade and economy missions, foreign embassies from Europe, North America, Asia.

  • AgroBuild 2016: Elevators and Grain Storages in Ukraine

    "AgroBuild 2016": Elevators and Grain Storages in Ukraine


    "Agro Build 2016" - two days conference for agricultural production companies, grain storages, elevators directors - was held by MARCOM marketing support within a period of on September 15-16th 2016 within a framework of Ukrainian Construction Week event.

    The conference was focused at grain storage and elevators market solutions, construction vs modernization costs, economic and technological issues, core players strategies and experience. The key topics will be opened through presentations, open discussions, informal communication "behind the event curtains":

  • TECHNO RODEO at Agro 2016 Show

    TECHNO RODEO at "Agro 2016" Show


    On June 8th 2016, at the first day of AGRO Exposition, the annual TECHNO RODEO show was held on the territory of the National Expocenter of Ukraine. Undoubtedly, TECHNO RODEO became the most exciting event out of all AGRO activities. This year, the visitors had a chance to watch the alive operation of "Dieci" telehandler from "Titan Machinery" company, "Jacto" self-propelled sprayer, "JCB" telehandler, "Monosem" planter from "Agrimatco" company, "Viking" self-propelled lawn-mowers from "Still" company, other industrial and household equipment.

    In addition to machines demonstration from the leading suppliers of the agricultural and construction equipment, TECHNO RODEO visitors watched the competition of the Kyiv communal tractors, enjoyed exciting entertainment program and took part in a variety of contests arranged by "Alta Seeds" company.

  • Agro Startup Crash Test

    Agro Startup Crash Test


    The first IT agricultural projects crash-test was held on May 13, 2016 in the new Kyiv Smart City Hub at the National Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG). The crash-test is focused at to develop the platform for IT-projects, introduction for agricultural innovations, efficient communication between technological enterpreneurs and agricultural producers. The crash-tests will be held on a regular basys to develop and up-keep the sustain professional network.

    The first crash-test examined three projects: "Kray Protection" (field drone-sprayers), "Fish Boy" (equipment and mobile application for fish plants), "Growco" (indoors and greenhouse automatic management with mobile applications). Valeriy Yakovenko, "Drone UA" project owner and CEO, made a short speach as the agricultural sector innovation expert. Valeriy shared his professional estimation for market trends and customer purchase system in agricultural sector.

  • MARCOM at Meat&Processing Conference 2016

    MARCOM at Meat&Processing Conference 2016


    17 березня 2016 року в Києві відбулася конференція "Wurst Tech", присвячена одному з провідних напрямків харчової промисловості - м'ясу та м'ясопереробці. Директор агентства "Марком" Валерій Берлет виступив експертом та модератором дискусії, присвяченій розвитку внутрішнього ринку України та виходу на зовнішні ринки збуту. Під час дискусії були розглянуті питання 1) взаємовідносин держави (Держспоживстандарту) і приватного бізнесу при переході на стандарти ХАССП, 2) споживчих переваг та найбільш перспективних сегментів м'ясних виробів, 3) можливостей та ризиків, пов'язаних з договором про зону вільної торгівлі між Україною та ЄС, 4 ) комунікації з зовнішніми партнерами на найбільш перспективних ринках Близького Сходу, Азії та Африки.

    Учасники конференції мали можливість не лише задати питання експертам ринку (представникам державних структур, роздрібних мереж, галузевої асоціації УКАБ, профільним юристам, іноземним покупцям), знайти нових ділових партнерів, але і обговорити актуальні теми бізнесу в неформальній атмосфері.

  • The market must not live on telescopic alone...

    The market must not live on telescopic alone...


    To set the road construction machinery market on the path of growth, Ukraine needs to launch an efficient road construction program. The reforms in Ukravtodor should resolve the issue of decentralization of  the roads infrastructure management, to replenish roads construction budget, to implement a system of the quality control and the domestic concession roads development. As of today, Verkhovna Rada is in the process of discussion of a dozen of draft laws prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure, whereby reforms are launched and cardinally change the roads construction industry.

    However, for the moment the road construction machinery market stands still, waiting for the reforms. The segments of telehandlers, BHL, asphalt compactors performed very well during the past year. Given the lack of adequate financing, the second hand equipment enjoyed the highest level of demand.

  • Master-Class on Marketing for IVK KNTEU University

    Master-Class on Marketing for IVK KNTEU University


    За останні 3 роки агентство МАРКОМ в рамках проекту "Нове покоління маркетологів України" провело близько десяти відкритих лекцій та майстер-класів з маркетингу для студентів-випускників українських вишів: Національного університету біоресурсів і природокористування, Сумського державного університетуКиївського індустріального коледжу, а також для студентів програми міні МВА Кадрової корпорації України. Даний проект носить соціальний характер та спрямований на підвищення професійної підготовки студентів профільних навчальних закладів. В ході лекцій та майстер-класів фахівці МАРКОМ діляться зі студентами накопиченими знаннями, а також практичним досвідом реалізації маркетингу в різних галузях економіки (промисловому виробництві, сільському господарстві, будівництві).

  • Краш-тест стартапів індустрії їжі

    "Краш-тест" стартапів індустрії їжі


    16 лютого 2016 року в Києві в рамках конференції "ContiTech 2016" відбувся перший конкурс харчових стартапів "Future Innovations. Food". Для участі в конкурсі були подані добра сотня заявок з числа інноваційних проектів індустрії їжі: від технології виробництва, зберігання і упаковки до системи дистрибуції, маркетингу та реклами. Директор агентства "МАРКОМ" Валерій Берлет виступив експертом та модератором "краш-тесту" тематичних стартапів.

    В результаті конкурсу журі визначило 5 проектів, для яких був виділений призовий фонд 15 000 грн. Агентство "МАРКОМ", в якості підтримки молодих бізнесів, безкоштовно проведе консалтинг для всіх проектів-переможців конкурсу.

  • MARCOM 2015 in facts and figures

    MARCOM 2015 in facts and figures


    The year 2015 was quite tough but in general successful for our company. On one side, local economical environment was good challenge for dedicated MARCOM industries and key company customers. On another side, all market players were made to pay more attention to marketing: specific researches, effective communication channels, loyalty programmes. With all due, marketing services market encreased, which enabled MARCOM to provide more services, to encrease market share and corporate turnover.

    We believe, the year 2016 will continue to be tough. The dedicated MARCOM industries will demostrate different results. We expect that agricultural industry, as local economy leader, will be the most resistable. Though construction industry will remain decline. At the same time, we believe the economical hardships will make us stronger and will lead the company to new level.

  • Training Students - Future Marketeers (Kyiv Industrial Colledge)

    Training Students - Future Marketeers (Kyiv Industrial Colledge)


    Within a framework of the project "New Ukrainian marketeers generation" MARCOM managers organised open seminar to marketing department students for Kyiv Industrial college. Проект "Нове покоління маркетологів України" був запущений в 2013 році і спрямований на безкоштовне навчання та надання практичного досвіду реалізації маркетингу студентам профільних вишів. В ході семінару було розказано про сучасні методи досліджень та ефективну методику просування на промислових ринках: сільськогосподарської техніки, будівельної техніки, комерційного автотранспорту. Раніше фахівці агентства "МАРКОМ" в рамках даного проекту проводили аналогічні семінари для студентів-маркетологів Національного університету біоресурсів і природокористування, Сумського державного університету, а також для студентів програми міні МВА Кадрової корпорації України.

  • MARCOM Video at Agritechnica 2015 show

    MARCOM Video at "Agritechnica 2015" show


    У німецькому Ганновері завершилася найбільша сільськогосподарська виставка в Європі "Agritechnica 2015". Україна була представлена не лише стендами вітчизняних аграріїв, але й відеороликами, знятими агентством "МАРКОМ" на замовлення провідних європейських заводів-виробників с/г техніки: "Maschio Gaspardo", "A3tech". Відеоролики "МАРКОМ" оцінили не лише відвідувачі стендів - потенційні покупці с/г техніки, а й офіційна делегація уряду України. На знімках (1, 2) внизу: Заступник міністра аграрної політики з питань європейської інтеграції Владислава Рутицька робить селфі на фоні ролика "МАРКОМ" на стенді "A3tech".

  • To make efficient video

    To make efficient video


    Щоби ролик був ефектним, достатньо гарного знімального обладнання. Щоби ролик вийшов ефективним, необхідно поставити завдання, визначити цільову аудиторію, правильно розставити піар акценти, написати сценарій, вибрати потрібні ракурси і показати кінцеву мету, до якої прагне покупець. І, звичайно, використовувати гарне знімальне обладнання.

    Якщо іноземна компанія - виробник с/г техніки виходить на ринок України, компанії потрібна правильна комунікація. Іміджеві ролики є частиною загального плану комунікацій і вирішують три основні завдання: 1) візуалізації конкурентних переваг обладнання і технології, в цілому, 2) позиціонування торговельної марки, 3) підтвердження ефективного використання обладнання і технології на базі успішного агрохолдингу, одного з лідерів с/г ринку України.

  • Ukrainian Ag Equipment Market 2015 Trends

    Ukrainian Ag Equipment Market 2015 Trends


    In palmy days, the import of agricultural equipment to Ukraine reached $1 billion. During the past several years, given the global recession and internal problems of Ukraine, the local agricultural equipment market has shranked significantly. The first half of 2015 testified to further reduction of the demand for the agricultural equipment. Compared to the similar period of 2014, the imports of foreign machinery and equipment reduced two fold and comprised less than $ 180 million. A logical question arises: has the Ukrainian market of agricultural machinery reached its bottom and what should be expected next year?

    The decrease of the market was conditioned both by external and internal factors. Reduction of the global prices for agricultural crops, geopolitical situation change, annexation of the part of the state agricultural lands, entering new sales markets, devaluation of the Ukrainian hrynvia, high interest rates, cancellation of preferences to the agricultural producers (in particular, due to the amendments to the national Tax Code and cancelation of special VAT regime) have significantly impaired financial position of the agricultural companies.

  • Alta Seeds: Entering Ukrainian Market

    Alta Seeds: Entering Ukrainian Market


    According to the Agrarian Economy Institute, the market capacity of the major agricultural seeds in Ukraine reached $ 2 billion. Despite the economic recession, the analysts expect that the seed market will increase 30% by the end of 2020. The market volumes and the growth prospects attract majority of producers. Today, all key brands are represented in Ukraine, and the competition is really tough. Notwithstanding the economic downturn, some foreign manufacturers considered the crisis as an opportunity to enter the Ukrainian market.

    While drafting its strategy of market entry or marketing communications plan, each company needs to develop the Marketing Mix (to identify the product line, price, local distribution, team, promotion), as well as make up Promotion Mix (to determine a set of the most efficient promotion tools).

  • TECHNO RODEO at Agro show in Kyiv

    "TECHNO RODEO" at "Agro" show in Kyiv


    The annual TECHNO RODEO show was held at the "Agro" exhibition on June 03, 2015 at the National Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNH). The event took place at one of the expocenter arenas. On the top of the up-to-date agricultural and construction equipment demonstration, the visitors (potential customers of the equipment suppliers) saw professional hourse-riding show presented by Ukrainian cossacks. 

    With due account to local market conditions and limited marketing budgets in the industry, TECHNO RODEO demonstrated to customers the leading equipment in dedicated segments: "Manitou" telescopic loader from "Poletechnika" dealer and "Hitachi" excatavor from "Yuromash" company.

  • Maїsadour Demo Tour 2015

    "Maїsadour" Demo Tour 2015


    7 квітня 2015 року в Запорізькій області стартував всеукраїнський демотур компанії "Maїsadour Semences". Для надання українським фермерам комплексного рішення посівної, даний тур був організований спільно з італійським виробником тракторів "New Holland" і шведським виробником сівалок "Vaderstad". Протягом місяця демотур пройшов в 10 областях України та охопив головні природно-кліматичні зони. Основне завдання туру - продемонструвати якість основних гібридів насіння, адаптованих до будь-яких кліматичних умов.

  • Communication Channels Research 2015

    Communication Channels Research 2015


    The beginning of the year is the last opportunity to plan and develop marketing budgets. Given the adverse macroeconomic situation and the overall still on the market of the agricultural machinery and equipment, the marketing costs should be justified, prudent and efficient. MARCOM agency has conducted a research for communication channels efficiency. The research was conducted in the form of survey among directors, senior engineers and agronomists of targeted Ukrainian agricultural companies. The survey covered 30 agricultural producers, 24 medium and large-size agricultural holdings.

  • Marcom 2014 in Figures and Facts

    Marcom 2014 in Figures and Facts


    2014 рік був непростим, але дуже плідним для нашої компанії. З одного боку, ринкова ситуація в Україні стала викликом для профільних галузей МАРКОМУ та основних клієнтів компанії. З іншого боку, це змусило всіх гравців ринку більше уваги приділяти маркетингу та роботі з ключовими клієнтами. В наслідок цього, ринок послуг з маркетингу зріс, що дозволило МАРКОМУ збільшити обсяг наданих послуг і зробити рекордний оборот в історії компанії.

    Ми знаємо, 2015 рік також буде нелегким. Профільні галузі МАРКОМУ покажуть різні результати. Очікується, що галузь с/г техніки проявить найбільшу стійкість. А галузь будівництва "просяде" більше за інших. Однак ми впевнені, економічні труднощі зроблять нас сильнішими та виведуть компанію на новий рівень.

  • Inter Agro 2014. Ukrainian Ag Equipment market: forecast for tomorrow?

    "Inter Agro 2014". Ukrainian Ag Equipment market: forecast for tomorrow?


    How do Ukrainian Ag equipment importers fight with market decline? Which segments the biggest demand? Why these promo tools are the most efficient, when marketing belts are fully tightened? All these topics were discussed at the round table within "InterAgro 2014" show. The market experts - New Holland, Lemken, Kuhn representatives had a free and open discussion with the major market players and dedicated professional mass-media. The round table was initiated by MARCOM agency and Valeriy Berlet, director of the company, became the discussion moderator. 

  • NovoFarm Demonstration

    "NovoFarm" Demonstration


    "NovoFarm" is a well-known company in Poltava region. For the last 14 years "NovoFarm" gained reputation of the reliable supplier for agricultural equipment and up-to-date grain crops production technologies. "NovoFarm" demoes provide both: full range of the leading TM (Case IH, Great Plains, Kinze, Olimac, Trimble, Nardi, EZ-Trail) and up-to-date technologies to intruduce through local farms. Hence, every "NovoFarm" demo gathers hundreds of the biggest farmers from Poltava and neighbouring regions of Ukraine. The demo as of October 03rd, 2014 in "Privat-Agrocentr" company gathered over 250 farmers and presented 40 units of equipment with half of them self-propelled machines.

  • MARCOM and Ukrainian Building Week 2014 in Odesa city

    MARCOM and "Ukrainian Building Week 2014" in Odesa city


    Within a framework of the "Ukrainian Building Week" from September 22nd till September 26th 2014, in Odesa city, on the Black sea shore, in the comfortable hotel "Black Sea Shevchenko Park", around the corner of the legendary "Chornomorets" football stadium, the several conferences ("Granite Macadam Industry", "Concrete Industry", "Budmix", "Ukrainian Road") were held. Over 230 delegates from 151 companies (33 granite quarries, 13 concrete producers, 14 building mixing materials) were among participants of "Ukrainian Building Week". Valeriy Berlet, MARCOM Agency Director, made presentation on road-building equipment and acted as moderator for road industry round table.

  • Agro Test-Drive from Agroresurs company. August 2014

    Agro Test-Drive from Agroresurs company. August 2014


    Kirovograd region is the geographical center for Ukraine and one of the richest agricultural areas of the country. Due to that, Agroresurs company organised  professional field day "Agro Test Drive". 100 одиниць техніки, 750 відвідувачів, 450 господарств з центральних та південних областей України стали учасниками заходу, що виходить далеко за межі одного регіону. Гості дня поля побачили в дії іноземну техніку "New Holland", "Maschio Gaspardo", "Lemken", "Kuhn", "Tecnoma", "Great Plains", "Faresin", а також техніку українського виробництва "ХТЗ", "Червона зірка","Уманьферммаш", "Краснянський агромаш", "Богуславська сільгосптехніка", "Завод Кобзаренка", "Львівагромашпроект", інших заводів-виробників. 

  • Concord Company Field Day

    Concord Company Field Day


    CONCORD Company, official CLAAS dealer in Ukraine, on July 3rd 2014 organised impressive field day "CLAAS green line equipment" in Hlushky village (Bilotserkivskiy district, Kyiv region). The venue was not aleatory: the cooperation of CONCORD company and Hlushky agrofarm lasts for 14 years, whereby the customer has purchased 16 units of equipment and is still loyal to CLAAS trade mark. The customer's fleet had been added for CLAAS DISCO 3100 windrower, CLAAS VOLTO 800 tedder, CLAAS LINER 1750 swath-maker, CLAAS JAGUAR 860 forage harvester this year. The growing farm with big number of cattle heads needs up-to-date efficient equipment!

  • Techno Rodeo 2014: Excavators playing football

    Techno Rodeo 2014: Excavators playing football


    On June 14, 2014 the annual TECHNO RODEO technical and entertaining show was performed at Kyiv racetrack within the framework of celebrating the Day of Kyiv. Within the framework of the show the spectators witnessed from one live to four hundred mechanical horsepower. The TECHNO RODEO program included horse racing, trial-bike show, tractor races and demonstration of the up-to-date powerful machines: tractors, loaders, excavators, trucks.

  • Training Future Marketeers in Sumy State University

    Training Future Marketeers in Sumy State University


    Last year MARCOM Agency launched educational project "New Ukrainian marketeers generation", whereby MARCOM experts provide training and share practical experience in marketing with students of profile universities. Valeriy Berlet - MARCOM Agency director at the base of Sumy State University held open seminar to Economy and management department students on April 5, 2014. The efficient research and promo tools on B2B markets (agricultural equipment, construction equipment, commercial vans) were discussed in the course of the seminar. Recently MARCOM professionals within a framework of the project held the same seminars for National Bioresources and Nature University marketing students and Ukrainian Stuff Corporation Mini MBA students.

  • Kyiv Build 2014 Show. Round Table for Construction Equipment Suppliers

    "Kyiv Build 2014" Show. Round Table for Construction Equipment Suppliers


    The annual international construction equipment show "Kyiv Build 2014" took place in Kyiv within a period of March 04-06, 2014. The show organizer - Premier Expo company - met the request of participants and combined two shows ("Kyiv Build" and "Bud Tech") into one dedicated event. The combination solution was due to market conditions, and enabled to encrease the number of visitors (potential customers for equipment) and to decrease the marketing budget for participants. Within the framework of the show MARCOM agency organised the round table for construction equipment suppliers.

  • Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment, Commercial Vans Import to Ukraine 2013

    Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment, Commercial Vans Import to Ukraine 2013


    MARCOM analysts have developed the Annual reports for agricultural equipment, construction equipment and commercial vans import to Ukraine 2013. Every out of three Annual reports includes: 1) import volume (as a lion's share of market capacity), 2) TMs and importers market shares, 3) split for new and used equipment, 4) names of suppliers (exporters) and exporting countries, 5) description and value of every single unit of equipment.

    The Annual report covers the following types of equipment: 1) agricultural equipment: grain harvesters (combines), headers, balers, tractors, sprayers (self-propelled, trailed), implements (grain drills, planters, plows, disk harrows, cultivators), 2) construction (road-building) equipment: excavators (on tracks and wheels), mini excavators, backhoe loaders, bulldozers, loaders (telescopic, front, forklifts), road rollers, dump trucks, crushers, pavers, 3) commercial vehicles: vans (light, metal), dump trucks, flatbed trucks, chassis, concrete mixers, platforms, autocranes, tanks, container transporters, crane manipulators, garbage vans, refrigerators, cleaning machines.

    The Annual report 2012 is available as well.

  • Corporate Video as Efficient Promo Tool

    Corporate Video as Efficient Promo Tool


    Corporate video by its efficiency power may give odds to any classical promo tool: public speach, outdoor ads or printed media. Compared to other promo tools, corporate video simultaneously impact on all major human perception channels. 80% of the information we perceive through vision, 15% - through hearing, the rest - through taste, touch and smell. The corporate video is aimed at through major human perception channels to bring key-messages about the product and trade mark to potential customers.

  • Agricultural Equipment Registration in Ukraine

    Agricultural Equipment Registration in Ukraine


    For the moment, all leading agricultural equipment producers are present in Ukraine. Every TM has its own rep office and local dealer network. The dealer networks are being developed in such a way that distance between the customer and the service center is 150-200 km, with the service centre following all manufacture's requirements. With due account to equipment population in the region, the rep office provides for requirements to local dealer with reference to office premises, demo area, spare parts stock and service workshop. Equipment population in the region is the key need driver for spare parts and service - which pushes dealers to unofficial rivalry for the most promissing regions. Following 2012 annual results, Kharkiv, Lugansk, Poltava, Cherkasy regions became the most popular and desired Ukrainian regions - where the majority of agricultural equipment was registereed.

  • How to develop B2B corporate magazine? What is copyrighting?

    How to develop B2B corporate magazine? What is "copyrighting"?


    Corporate magazine is an effective communication channel aimed at to carry key messages and to promote a positive image of the company in the eyes of the target audience. Corporate magazine can be focused at the internal customers (companies’ employees, managers, investors) and the external customers (expert pannels, partners, government officials, media, end-users, potential customers). Each target audience requires spesific messages, PR- focuses and format of presentation.

    Corporate magazine intended for potential customers incorporates both: informational and promotional material. The main objective of such magazine is to increase the loyalty of existing and potential customers. On the top of that, a corporate magazine is the most effective tool of indirect advertising against banal and trite blocks of commercial in the trade press.

  • Road Building As A Key Demand Driver For Road Building Equipment

    Road Building As A Key Demand Driver For Road Building Equipment


    For road-building equipment producers this year appeared to be not the best. The global market for the last years shows small growth (CAGR +2.6%). Compared to general environment, Ukrainian market seems to reflect global trend, rather than is a reason to national abasement.

    Road building is a key demand driver for road-building equipment. The road building volumes primarily depends on implementation of the state programme, which seems to have the most ambitious plans since independance. According to Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU), the Enactment # 696 dated July 11, 2013, provides financing of 214 bln UAH (incl.: 134 bln UAH - state budget moneys, 18 bln UAH - international finance moneys, 42 bln UAH - credit moneys, 20 bln UAH - private investment funds moneys) within the next 5 years for purpose of road building and reconstruction.

  • Bud Tech 2013 Exhibition. Road-Building and Construction Equipment Ukrainian Market. Highlights and Perspectives.

    "Bud Tech 2013" Exhibition. Road-Building and Construction Equipment Ukrainian Market. Highlights and Perspectives.


    The international specialised "Bud Tech 2013" exhibition was held in Kyiv at "Expocentre of Ukraine" on October 01 - 04, 2013. The unfavourable weather conditions and limited visitors moved the venue epicenter from the open areas to main pavilion with a few profile events for industry experts. Thus, MARCOM company was a moderator of the round table "The Ukrainian road industry reforms 2013 - 2018". The round table gathered road-building and construction equipment suppliers, construction materials producers and dedicated mass-media, who discussed the State road building program, budget financing and private investment plan, underlined the importance of "UkrAvtoDor" transperency and on-going communications with key market players. Valeriy Berlet, "Marketing Communications MARCOM" Director, made a report "Road industry, as the key demand driver for road-building equipment in Ukraine 2013 - 2018".

  • Granite Brokenstone Industry 2013. Road building and granite brokenstone consumption in Ukraine 2013 - 2017

    "Granite Brokenstone Industry 2013". Road building and granite brokenstone consumption in Ukraine 2013 - 2017


    The international conference "Granite Brokenstone Industry 2013" took place in Alushta city (Crimea region, Ukraine) on September 22 - 24, 2013. The event gathered almost 200 professionals and experts of the industry: owners, directors, top-managers from Ukraine, Russia, East and West European countries. The conference attracted granite producers and exporters, mining and road-building equipment suppliers, rail road and auto logistic companies, financial and law service suppliers. The analysis and forecast of the granite brokenstone industry on major markets in post-recesion period became the main subject of the event. Despite picturesque and restful Crimean landscape, the panel discussions and round tables sometimes were hard enough, but always in correct and efficient manner.

  • Agricultural Equipment Import to Ukraine 2012 - 2013

    Agricultural Equipment Import to Ukraine 2012 - 2013


    Last year Ukraine exported agricultural products at total value of $ 18 bln. Having passed chemical production and machinery building, agricultural sector became one of the main currency incomming sources to state treasury and jointly with metalurgy one of the core budget constituting sectors of Ukrainian economy. Further to state officials, the grain crop harvest in Ukraine will exceed 57 mln. tons of grain this year. Even with due virtual betterment and tired grain delivery and storage infrustructure, the harvest is promised to be the record-breaking in the history of Ukraine this year. To keep the current level of agricultural production, the Ukrainian farmers actively introduce new technologies and increase the import of up-to-date agricultural equipment, having approached pre-reсession level.

  • Organizing Field day for CASE IH dealer

    Organizing Field day for CASE IH dealer


    On June 21, 2013 at the premises of the “Agroaliance” farm in the village of Hubynyha of Novomoskovsk region, Dnipropetrovsk oblast a field day of the company “Trading house “Agroaliance”, the official distributor of the company CASE IH in Ukraine,  was held. It is no coincidence that the household name is the same as the name of the agricultural equipment supplier: cooperation of the companies lasts for more than 10 years, during which the “Agroaliance” farm has bought more than 10 units of equipment and remains one of the most loyal customers of CASE IH brand and Trading House “Agroaliance”. 




    MARCOM Marketing Communications agency at request of “DF-Agro” and "VFC" company has arranged the demonstration of up-to-date Deutz Fahr, Unia, Agrisem agricultural equipment at “Agro-2013” show. The demonstration was performed at the backyard fuild of VDNH Expo Centre. At the same time the live demonstration was broadcasted on the big screen of the main “DF-Agro” expo plot for the visitors and partners of the company. “DF-Agro” is grateful to MARCOM Agency for technical support, sound and music, video production, entertainment program for stand visitors, and for alive broadcasting at distance of 1.5 km from the place of equipment demonstration, which became a unique event for “Agro-2013” show and absolute record for Expo Centre.




    On May 18, 2013 TECHNO RODEO technical and entertaining show was performed at Kyiv racetrack within the framework of celebrating the Day of Kyiv.

    Within the framework of the show the spectators witnessed from one live to five hundred mechanical horsepower. In accordance with the status of the event AMACO Company was the general sponsor of the show. The Program TECHNO RODEO included racing demonstrations, bike show, tractor races and demonstration of the possibilities of powerful machines: tractors, mini excavators, loaders and trucks.

  • Analytical report. Agricultural and construction equipment import. Quarter 4th 2012

    Analytical report. Agricultural and construction equipment import. Quarter 4th 2012


    MARCOM experts have developed the quarterly analytical report for the imports of agricultural and road-building equipment. The import analysis allows to identify: 1) the imports as the main part of the market volume, 2) market share of TM and suppliers, and 3) new and secon hand equipment split, 4) the most attractive import segments, 5) name of suppliers, exporting countries, 6) equipment description, customs value and delivery terms.

    Analytical report includes the following equipment: 1) agricultural equipment: combine harvesters, balers, tractors, self-propelled and trailed sprayers, tillage equipment (grain and row-crop drills, plows, disc harrows, cultivators), 2)road-building and construction equipment: loaders, dump trucks, bulldozers, excavators, mining machinery.

  • Merry Christmas to MARCOM Customers

    Merry Christmas to MARCOM Customers


    Шановні партнери компанії МАРКОМ,

    Прийміть наші щирі вітання з новим 2013 роком та Різдвом Христовим! Дякуємо Вам за ефективну співпрацю минулого року та сподіваємось на розвиток партнерських відносин в майбутньому! 

    З повагою, Команда компанії МАРКОМ

  • Test-Drive of the Truck IVECO LEONCINO

    Test-Drive of the Truck IVECO LEONCINO


    December 21, 2012 MARCOM experts organised test-drive of the trucks up to 6.5 tons.

    The research involved 4 trucks: Isuzu NQR71, Hyundai HD65, Tata LPT613, and the fourth truck with covered decals at the request of the customer. The research was aimed at to assess the exterior, interior, driving functions and price positioning of the "hidden" truck model, which is planned to entry Ukrainian market in 2013.




    MARCOM offers a wide range of souvenir image products, which does not only differentiate your company from competitors, but will also be an original memorable gift for your business partners. Souvenir products are the effective method to make a positive image of the company and to develop long-term relationships with your customers.




    A corporate event is not only an occasion to summarize the past marketing year, but it also serves as an effective tool of public relations, corporate communication, team building and motivation. In this case, the event itself should correspond to the company’s level, meet its positioning, include the formal attributes (speeches of managers, awarding the best employees), interesting entertainment program, and should just stay in the memory of your employees and partners as an outstanding event with which your company is going to be associated for many years. 




    What is a marketing budget? What promo tools are the most efficient at the recession period? How do the market leaders do? These and other pressing issues were on the agenda of the round table which was held in Kyiv on November 19, 2012. The event was organized by the MARCOM Company. Among the participants of the round table there were directors and marketing experts of the companies importing agricultural machinery, road construction machinery and commercial vehicles (the companies such as VADERSTAD, AMACO, RENAULT TRUCKS, CONCORD, LANDTECHNIK, SUNRISE-AGRO, NEKO LIFE), as well as the teachers and students of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. 




    Demonstrations and field days are one of the most efficient promotion methods of in the market of agricultural machinery. During the period of economic recession, when the budgetary belts of the companies are painfully tightened, the marketing costs incurred by the suppliers of agricultural machinery should be redirected from image-building advertising to personal sales. Therefore, in the following year, demonstrations and field days will make the lion's share of the companies’ marketing budget and will be a in a great demand.