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Test-Drive of the Truck IVECO LEONCINO

Test-Drive of the Truck IVECO LEONCINO


December 21, 2012 MARCOM experts organised test-drive of the trucks up to 6.5 tons.

The research involved 4 trucks: Isuzu NQR71, Hyundai HD65, Tata LPT613, and the fourth truck with covered decals at the request of the customer. The research was aimed at to assess the exterior, interior, driving functions and price positioning of the "hidden" truck model, which is planned to entry Ukrainian market in 2013.

In the test drive involved transportation companies specializing in freight tonnage, the company, which have in their fleet of trucks of this class, as well as experts of the market of commercial vehicles in Ukraine. Despite the snowy weather, and the 10-degree cold, test drive had evoked a response from the buyers and users of trucks. The study and comparison with the machines of this class, 'hidden' truck on a 5-point rating system was 4.7 points for appearance, and 4.5 points for the interior of the cabin, and 4.6 for ball control functionality. Based on the given parameters, the test-drive participants and market experts estimated base price positioning. Great result and good material for future Iveco Leoncino marketing strategy development. 

Iveco official representative office in Ukraine thanks MARCOM Agency for the test-drive organisation. On the top of that, Iveco Ukraine provides additional discount 5% to all test-drive participants, in case of Iveco Leoncino purchase in 2013 year.