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On May 18, 2013 TECHNO RODEO technical and entertaining show was performed at Kyiv racetrack within the framework of celebrating the Day of Kyiv.

Within the framework of the show the spectators witnessed from one live to five hundred mechanical horsepower. In accordance with the status of the event AMACO Company was the general sponsor of the show. The Program TECHNO RODEO included racing demonstrations, bike show, tractor races and demonstration of the possibilities of powerful machines: tractors, mini excavators, loaders and trucks.

AMACO Company showed up-to-date “New Holland” mini loader (power up to 80 h.p., loading capacity up to 1,300 kg, there is a possibility to mount up to 60 types of attachments), “Challenger MT685D” tractor (power up to 370 h.p., engine displacement 8 l, tractor weight 13.5 t,  hydraulic flow 175 l/min), “YTO X1204” tractor (power 120 h.p., engine displacement 7 l, tractor weight 4.5 t, hydraulic flow 44 l/min) and “Iveco Astra HD9 84.42” dump truck (power 420 h.p., loading capacity 35 t, truck weight 50 t) in operation.

The machines driven by vocational operators of AMACO showed a true rodeo: “New Holland” mini loader performed functions of a bullfighter and was trying to temperate “Challenger” and “YTO” mighty tractors using a red flag. The vocational dump truck “Iveco” accompanied by trial-biker and bicyclist showed aerobatic maneuvers successfully combining power with handling ease and reliability with performance precision.

VOLTEKH Company showed live “Manitou MT732” telescopic loader (engine power 86 h.p., lifting height 7 m, bucket capacity 1 m3) and “Volvo BL61B” excavator (engine power 95 h.p., empty weight 7 t, bucket capacity 1 m3). Under the command of experienced operators the machines were “dancing” to the music, raising “hands” turning front and rear working elements at the same time, “bridging” with support on front and rear buckets … The spectators were tickled pink!

After this show it becomes clear, what has moved the producers from Hollywood to create the movie “Transformers” and what makes the Ukrainian companies to change over to the modern machines.

Mykola Toroshchuk on “Dong Feng-404” tractor (Kyiv racetrack, the city of Kyiv, the 1st place), Dmytro Gryshchuk on “MTZ-82” tractor (Desna Zelenbud, the city of Kyiv, the 2nd place) and Olexander Chechko on “MTZ-82” tractor (Pechersk Zelenbud, the city of Kyiv, the 3rd place) became the winners of the races.

The organizer of TECHNO RODEO (MARCOM Marketing Communications Agency) is grateful to the City State Administration of Kyiv, “Ultra” gasoline station network, “Nova Rent” hire company and Kyiv racetrack for supporting the event.