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Granite Brokenstone Industry 2013. Road building and granite brokenstone consumption in Ukraine 2013 - 2017

"Granite Brokenstone Industry 2013". Road building and granite brokenstone consumption in Ukraine 2013 - 2017


The international conference "Granite Brokenstone Industry 2013" took place in Alushta city (Crimea region, Ukraine) on September 22 - 24, 2013. The event gathered almost 200 professionals and experts of the industry: owners, directors, top-managers from Ukraine, Russia, East and West European countries. The conference attracted granite producers and exporters, mining and road-building equipment suppliers, rail road and auto logistic companies, financial and law service suppliers. The analysis and forecast of the granite brokenstone industry on major markets in post-recesion period became the main subject of the event. Despite picturesque and restful Crimean landscape, the panel discussions and round tables sometimes were hard enough, but always in correct and efficient manner.

Valeriy Berlet, Marketing Communcations MARCOM director, became the expert of the panel discussion "M&A and investments in non-metallic materials industry" and made a report "Road building and granite brokenstone consumption in Ukraine 2013-2017. Road-building and Construction equipment import to Ukraine 2012-2013". Download free the report hereunder.