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How to develop B2B corporate magazine? What is copyrighting?

How to develop B2B corporate magazine? What is "copyrighting"?


Corporate magazine is an effective communication channel aimed at to carry key messages and to promote a positive image of the company in the eyes of the target audience. Corporate magazine can be focused at the internal customers (companies’ employees, managers, investors) and the external customers (expert pannels, partners, government officials, media, end-users, potential customers). Each target audience requires spesific messages, PR- focuses and format of presentation.

Corporate magazine intended for potential customers incorporates both: informational and promotional material. The main objective of such magazine is to increase the loyalty of existing and potential customers. On the top of that, a corporate magazine is the most effective tool of indirect advertising against banal and trite blocks of commercial in the trade press.

Introducing the magazine one should rely on professionals and give it to “outsourcing” in order to make Corporate magazine successful and effective. As a rule, neither marketing nor product managers of the companies, do not have – or rather hardly need to have skills of the writer and the novelist in order to vest the information into correct lexical and grammatical form, to set up PR- accents and sustain a release in one style (from the first to the last article). Therefore, the involvement of professional journalists "on the third hand" is more appropriate. An example of the article of ÑAT MAGAZINE is presented hereinafter. It has been written by MARCOM journalists and includes all stages of copywriting: 

- subject definition; 
- collection and analysis of the material (interviews, photo sessions, video); 
- text writing and refinement.

Todini Equipment Fleet has increased by 91 Ñat® units!

The company "Todini" (Representative of Todini Constructsioni Generali S.P.A.) is a part of the global construction giant "Salini", whoes activity covers 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. "Salini Group" is a large general contractor constructing the highways, railways, dams, hydroelectric power plants, civil engineering structures. The turnover of the company "Salini" in 2011 came to ˆ 1,4 billion.

In 2007 the company "Todini" entered the Ukrainian market, had performed the reconstruction of the road Rivne-Zhytomyr. Due to high quality work and well-deserved reputation, the company "Todini" continued to increase the volume of construction, provided the reconstruction of the road Kyiv - Zhytomyr during the preparation of Ukraine for the European football championship "Euro 2012" .

In April 2013, "Zeppelin Ukraine" has signed a contract with "Todini" for supply of Ñat® construction equipment to provide reconstruction of the road Kharkiv - Poltava. The delivery of 91 units of the equipment ammounted at $17 mln was completed within three months period. The equipment included track excavators 329DL, wheeled excavators M315D, bulldozers D7R and D6N XL, front loaders 950H, graders 140Ê. Regardless tough tender conditions, "Zeppelin Ukraine" was professional enough to provide the best financial terms, timely supply and after-sales support of the equipment. With 10% down, the customer was lucky enough to get the equipment on leasing with "Caterpillar Financial" back up. The leasing payment terms was made with due account to production cycle, whereby the main production volume was made in summer. Thus "Caterpillar Financial" eased the payment burden for winter period - which was appreciated by  the customer.

On the top of comfortable financial terms "Zeppelin Ukraine" opened local deler center in Poltava region with the parts stock and service support. The dealer center will make the customer closer to trained service staff and timely after-sales support.

Further to Bakhodyr Shavketov, Construction Equipment Department Director, if you estimate the efficiency, you need to take to account three factors: equipment availability, equipment productivity and service costs. Once you put all factors togather, you find the real cost of the equipment and come to Ñat® efficiency. Withdue account to higher Cat® price compared to competitors, the equipment efficiency and low service costs will easily cover the difference. On the top of that, the residual price of Ñat® equipment is usually 20% higher virsus any competitor.

The majority of the supplied equipment has Ñat Product Link®, which privides information about location, work and technical condition of the equipment. With the help of Ñat Product Link® the chief mechanic may get, from his office, dirrect information on inspection hours, timely react on failures, manage equipment work load and production process - thus, the efficiency of equipment.

On the top of that, the graders were equipped with AccuGrade®, which fixes equipment tools on projected level in automatic mode. The system provides high precision, decreases additional and avoides geodesic marking works. In other words, due to AccuGrade® the customer on preparation works may save hundreds of thousands USD and raise the efficiency several times.

By the end of 2013 "Zeppelin Ukraine" plans to launch 4 more dealer centers. The dealership network of the company develops in such a way, that distance from dealer to customer shall not be more than 150 km. The given strategy provides market leader position and trouble-free performance of customers. The efficiency of the given strategy is proved by the sales, which for 6 months 2013 exceeded the result of the total 2012 year.

Further to Andriy Shevel, "Caterpillar Financial" Regional Manager in Ukraine, the given results were achieved due to well-managed team work. The deal with "Todini" became possible due to just-in-time decision. The total decision-making process (risk management, credit decision, top-management agreement up to company president) took 2 days only. The rare company is able to find timely solution to such a big deal. That makes professional approach of our company.

For the moment "Todini" is one of the most loyal customers of "Zeppelin Ukraine" company and continues to purchase Ñat® equipment.