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Training Future Marketeers in Sumy State University

Training Future Marketeers in Sumy State University


Last year MARCOM Agency launched educational project "New Ukrainian marketeers generation", whereby MARCOM experts provide training and share practical experience in marketing with students of profile universities. Valeriy Berlet - MARCOM Agency director at the base of Sumy State University held open seminar to Economy and management department students on April 5, 2014. The efficient research and promo tools on B2B markets (agricultural equipment, construction equipment, commercial vans) were discussed in the course of the seminar. Recently MARCOM professionals within a framework of the project held the same seminars for National Bioresources and Nature University marketing students and Ukrainian Stuff Corporation Mini MBA students.

The seminar topics in Sumy were agreed with university study plan. Bright charts, dynamic video, interactive communication in "ask-reply" format provided efficient training process and made the seminar interesting to all participants. The event was held in friendly and informal manner. The most active students were given symbolic prizes. MARCOM Agency is grateful to Sumy State University for opportunity to share the practical marketing experience with students, who is the future generation of Ukrainian marketeers.