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MARCOM and Ukrainian Building Week 2014 in Odesa city

MARCOM and "Ukrainian Building Week 2014" in Odesa city


Within a framework of the "Ukrainian Building Week" from September 22nd till September 26th 2014, in Odesa city, on the Black sea shore, in the comfortable hotel "Black Sea Shevchenko Park", around the corner of the legendary "Chornomorets" football stadium, the several conferences ("Granite Macadam Industry", "Concrete Industry", "Budmix", "Ukrainian Road") were held. Over 230 delegates from 151 companies (33 granite quarries, 13 concrete producers, 14 building mixing materials) were among participants of "Ukrainian Building Week". Valeriy Berlet, MARCOM Agency Director, made presentation on road-building equipment and acted as moderator for road industry round table.

The round table was so informative and pressing that it took two hours for participants to discuss against planned 40 minutes. The key expert "UkrAvtoDor" manager Andriy Martens presented the plan to reform and decentrilise the company, including local daughter companies, local infrustructure support and local roads development. The discussion covered most viable issues for future road infrustructure development, reforms planing and implementation.

"Ukrainian Building Week 2014" proved, though temporal decrease in Ukrainian business this year, all market players: government, equipment suppliers, construction materials producers are not competitors but partners on the way to reform the Ukrainian building industry. The event turned out a good platform for communication and buisness dialogue to all market players.

You are welcome to download presentation with Construction equipment market trends 2013-2014. Feel free to approach MARCOM manager  for the detailed report - Construction equipment import to Ukraine 2013-2014.