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Communication Channels Research 2015

Communication Channels Research 2015


The beginning of the year is the last opportunity to plan and develop marketing budgets. Given the adverse macroeconomic situation and the overall still on the market of the agricultural machinery and equipment, the marketing costs should be justified, prudent and efficient. MARCOM agency has conducted a research for communication channels efficiency. The research was conducted in the form of survey among directors, senior engineers and agronomists of targeted Ukrainian agricultural companies. The survey covered 30 agricultural producers, 24 medium and large-size agricultural holdings.

This survey will give you the answers to the following questions:

1) What are the informational sources used by the agrarians to search for the information on the equipment and its suppliers? A rating of promotion tools and channels (printed magazines, web-sites, field days, expositions, promo videos, corporate publications, TV shows and features, discounts / promotions, visits to manufacturing plants, sponsor support to popular events and championships, etc.)

2) What are the most popular industry printed media? Rating.

3) What are the most popular industry web-sites? Rating.

We have interviewed 54 agricultural producers and split these into three segments: 

- farms cultivating from 1,000 to 10,000 ha (30 farms), 

- holding companies cultivating from 10,000 to 50,000 ha (14 agricultural holdings),

- holding companies cultivating over 50,000 ha (10 agricultural holdings).

The total land bank of the 30 interviewed farms is 85 K ha, and that of 24 interviewed agricultural holdings is 2.5 million ha. Our survey covered directors, senior engineers and agronomists of such companies as Atlantic Farms, Terra-Food, Khliboproduct, Milkyland, APK-Invest, Ukrzernoprom-Agro, Gals-Agro, Krayevyd, Kreatyv Group, Kernell, Agro Generation, Privat-Agrotsentr, Ukrainian Agrarian Investments, TAS Agro, Ukrlendfarming, Harvest, Vitagro, Ukragroporm, NCH.

This survey will provice suppliers with the effective marketing budget management and return of investments.

The survey price is 200 Euro.