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TECHNO RODEO at Agro show in Kyiv

"TECHNO RODEO" at "Agro" show in Kyiv


The annual TECHNO RODEO show was held at the "Agro" exhibition on June 03, 2015 at the National Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNH). The event took place at one of the expocenter arenas. On the top of the up-to-date agricultural and construction equipment demonstration, the visitors (potential customers of the equipment suppliers) saw professional hourse-riding show presented by Ukrainian cossacks. 

With due account to local market conditions and limited marketing budgets in the industry, TECHNO RODEO demonstrated to customers the leading equipment in dedicated segments: "Manitou" telescopic loader from "Poletechnika" dealer and "Hitachi" excatavor from "Yuromash" company.

Ukrainian farmers are familiar with "Manitou" brand. Over 840 new telescopic loaders have been sold in Ukraine for the last 3 years, where 40% is "Manitou" share. The agricultural holding companies ("NCH", "Kernel", "Astarta", "Myronivskiy Khliboprodukt") have already assessed and appreciated "Manitou" benefits, which highly advanced their daily operations.


At the same time "Yuromash" company has imported to Ukraine for the last 10 years over 700 units of "Hitachi" quarry and construction equipment. Among "Yuromash" customers are well-known mining and processing plants: "Metinvest", "Ferrexpo", which use "Hitachi" excavators of 250, 360, 530 tons.

Since the industry leaders are looking for "Manitou" and "Hitachi" equipment, TECHNO RODEO enabled participation of the leading suppliers for these brands - "Poletekhnika" and "Yuromash" companies. Over 300 potential customers visited TECHNO RODEO to see equipment demonstration and breath-taking horse-riding show, presented by Ukrainian cossacks. 


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Information: TECHNO RODEO is a unique event for agricultural equipment, construction equipment, communal transport, commercial vans, that does not have analogue in Ukraine. TECHNO RODEO combines demonstration of the up-to-date equipment possibilities with entertaining elements for visitors - potential customers of the equipment: farmers, agricultural holding companies, quarries, municipal services, transport companies. TECHNO RODEO task is to demonstrate from 1 alive up to 500 mechanical HP, to show possibilities of the cutting-edge equipment, to present mechanical dynamics, to underline the importance of harmonic equipment co-existance with the environment.