• Agricultural Equipment
  • Road-Building and Construction Equipment
  • Building and Construction
  • Land Plots for Agricultural Production
  • Land Plots for Building and Construction
  • Building Materials
  • Water Wells and Production
  • Mineral Resources and Deposits
What road-building and construction equipment exhibition is the most efficient in Ukraine?
Select 1 option
  •  "Kyiv Build" (Kyiv, International Expo Center, March)
  •  "Build Tech" (Kyiv, Expo Center of Ukraine, October)
  •  "CommunTech. DorTechExpo" (Kyiv, International Expo Center, November)
  •  "AvtoDorExpo" (Kyiv, ACCO International, November)
What agricultural equipment exhibition is the most efficient in Ukraine?
Select 1 option
  •  "Grain Tekhnologies" (February, Kyiv, KyivExpoPlaza)
  •  "Agro" (May, Kyiv, National Expo Centre)
  •  "Inter Agro" (October, Kyiv, KyivExpoPlaza)
  •  "Agro Forum" (November, Kyiv, International Expo Center)
What promo tools are the most efficient in Ag equipment business?
Select 3 options
  •  Image ads and expert articles in specialized mass media
  •  Corporate magazines, digital catalogs, souvenir products
  •  Participation in shows, sponsorship of dedicated events
  •  Demonstrations and field days at customer's location
  •  Promo-tours to plants for reporters and customers
  •  Loyalty programs (seasonal inspection, up-grade programs, promo and discount campaigns)
  •  Commecrials and corporate image films
  •  Reports in the news and dedicated programs on TV
  •  Sponsorship of the news and dedicated programs on TV
  •  Attracting celebrities to advertising campaigns
  •  SEO-optimization and banner advertising at Internet
What video material on ┬2┬ market is the most efficient?
Select 1 option
  •  Corporate image film about the ˝ompany, services and customers (20-25 min.)
  •  Image film about the company and TM for internet (5-7 min.)
  •  Documentary film about the history of the industry with the hidden advertising (45-60 min.)
  •  Documentary film about success story of a farmer - equipment user (20-25 min.)
  •  Report about the corp news for internet and TV (4-5 min.)
  •  Training film about products or services (5-7 min.)
  •  Short advertising film for TV (30-60 sec.)