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On May 26, 2012 TECHNO RODEO – THE SHOW OF BIG MOTORS was performed at Kyiv racetrack within the framework of celebrating the Day of Kyiv.

For the first time the spectators witnessed the operation from one live to five hundred mechanical horsepower within the framework of one show. The program of event included the racing demonstrations, show on quad bikes, tractor races and demonstration of the possibilities of powerful machines. The spectators saw the possibilities of modern agricultural and construction machines if it is used for 100%. “Zeppelin” demonstrated “Caterpillar 428 E” modern excavator, the workhorse of the construction industry in operation and “Volynskaya Securities Company” showed the telescopic loader of “Deutz Fahr Agrovector”, the permanent assistant of Ukrainian farmer. 

Under the command of experienced operators the machines were “dancing”, raising “hands” moving front and rear working elements at the same time, “bridging” with support on a bucket and hydraulic struts, gave flowers to the women, spectators of the show … 

“Should we have more loaders like this, – says one of the visitors Mykola Korotenko, the senior engineer of “Licon” construction company, – we would not only construct the sites quicker, but also would raise all Ukraine”.

“Every farmer dreams about such agricultural machines” – supports the spectators one of the leaders of “Nafcom” company.

The visitors of the show witnessed the interesting tractor races. The best tractor drivers of the city of Kyiv were determined according to the results of the races. Dobrolezha Ivan (23 years Goloseevo Zelenbud) was the first, Skripets Olexander (22 years, Solomenskiy Road Maintenance Department) was the second and Lytvyn Vitaly (42 years, Shevchenkivskiy  Road Maintenance Department) was the third. The winners received cups and certificates of honors.

In accordance with the words of Valeriy Berlet, the director of “MARCOM Marketing Communications” agency, TECHNO RODEO became the feast not only for the professionals from agricultural and construction industries, but also from all Kyiv thanks to the support of the Kyiv City State Administration, “HardWheels” active rest club, the city dolphinarium and “Baltica 0 Alcohol Free”, beer of the event and Kyiv racetrack. We are grateful to everybody for the support and cooperation!