• Agricultural Equipment
  • Road-Building and Construction Equipment
  • Building and Construction
  • Land Plots for Agricultural Production
  • Land Plots for Building and Construction
  • Building Materials
  • Water Wells and Production
  • Mineral Resources and Deposits


MARCOM has a range of unique methods of quantitative and qualitative research, which makes it possible to find solutions to the problems that arise at different stages of the company’s life: entrance to the market, stage of growth, new product launches, and holding market positions. The research includes: determining the volume and market shares in terms of trademarks and suppliers, selecting the most profitable segments, positioning of the companies and trademarks, determining the population of equipment in the regions, media monitoring, content analysis, evaluating  the efficiency of marketing communications, reputation analysis, studying the level of consumers’ satisfaction with the services and products of the company, conducting any other studies upon the customer’s request.

Examples of research